DuraVision FDS1703

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DuraVision FDS1703

17″ (43 cm) LCD Monitor

The DuraVision FDS1703 is designed specifically for security and surveillance and offers PC and composite (BNC) inputs, high image quality, and long-term reliability.

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Product Description

PC and Video Inputs

This monitor is equipped with an analog D-Sub mini 15 pin input for connection to a PC and a composite (BNC) input for connecting to video surveillance equipment such as closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) and security cameras.

High Image Quality

To reduce ghosting and flicker, the video input has a Y/C separation circuit which separates the brightness signal (Y) from the color information signal (C), allowing the monitors to display high quality images with little noise. The monitor produces 16.77 million colors for clear and vivid display.

Underscan and Normal Display

Both underscan and normal display settings are available. Underscan shows 100% of an image and is ideal for video. Overscan displays about 95% of an image, which eliminates extraneous TV broadcasting data that sometimes appears at the edges of the screen.

Versatile Positioning

The stand has a 100 mm height adjustment range, 30° tilt, 35° swivel, and 90° pivot for portrait mode so the screen can be adjusted to the ideal viewing position.



The monitor supports NTSC, PAL, and SECAM signals and can connect to a variety of different security and surveillance equipment.

Built-in Speakers

Compact dual-watt stereo speakers with RCA inputs are built-in for audio capability with both PC and video sources.

High Brightness Display

With a maximum brightness level of 350 cdm2, the screen has high visibility even in bright ambient environments.

LED Backlight

The monitor comes equipped with an energy-saving LED backlight. Compared to conventional CCFL backlights, LED backlights last longer and consume less power. They are also mercury-free to have minimal impact on the environment when they are eventually disposed of.

24-Hour Use, 2-Year Warranty

The FDS1703 offers long-term reliability; it is built for 24-hour use and is backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


To ensure each EIZO monitor meets our high standards, we develop, manufacture, and test them ourselves at our own facilities. Our quality control process includes long-life testing where monitors are left on for tens of thousands of hours and an on-site anechoic chamber to test for compliance with international EMC (electromagnetic capability) regulations.

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