DuraVision FDF2303W


DuraVision FDF2303W

23″ (58 cm) LCD Monitor

Full-HD Monitor with Visibility-Enhancing Technology for Security and Surveillance

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Product Description

Clear and Accurate Imge Display

Equipped with 2 HDMI Inputs

The DuraVision FDF2303W is equipped with DVI-D 24 pin and D-Sub mini 15 pin inputs for digital and analog signal support respectively. It also has two HDMI inputs which support both PC and AV signals and can be connected to video cameras, recorders, and other AV devices.


Images are displayed pixel-by-pixel in full high definition that fills the entire screen. Images taken with full HD cameras are reproduced in detail.

Full HD (1920 x 1080) LCD Panel

Images are displayed pixel-by-pixel in full high definition that fills the entire screen. Images taken with full HD cameras are reproduced in detail.

23-Inch High Resolution Screen

Because the monitor can display large amounts of information at once, it reduces the time needed to display new windows or scroll.

Smart Resolution for Sharper Image


EIZO-patented super-resolution technology called Smart Resolution analyzes the displayed content for noise and blur. It ensures that noise is not accentuated while correcting the blur to the extent needed to sharpen the image. For images with a lot of depth, it sharpens the foreground more strongly to reproduce the depth that simulates a real world sense of focus.

Day and Night Preset Modes

3 preset modes are included: sRGB, Day, and Night.The latter two presets are optimized to match Day mode and Night mode (monochrome) used in digital cameras. You can easily switch between modes using a single button on the included remote control.

Wide Viewing Angles

An IPS panel with wide viewing angles exhibits minimal color shift and contrast change no matter where the monitor is viewed from, ensuring accurate color reproduction all the way to the corners of the screen.


Visibility in Dark Areas with Smart Insight

Automatically detects areas that are difficult to see and adjusts the brightness of each pixel, reproducing images with a realistic sense of depth. Figures that used to be difficult to see in digital imaging are now made visible.


Reduce Reflective Light

A non-glare panel dissipates reflective light that would normally make the screen difficult to view and strain the eyes.



Display Moving Images Clearly


An overdrive circuit accelerates gray-to-gray response time which minimizes ghosting and blurring during high motion scenes for clear video reproduction.

Equipped with ContrastEnhancer


ContrastEnhancer controls the LED backlight during videos. It has a 5000:1 contrast ratio that produces dark, 0realistic blacks and presents a clear display when contrast is increased.

Smooth Gradations

The input signal from a PC with 8 bits per RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color is converted to 10 bits within the monitor. Using gamma correction with a 10-bit LUT, the monitor chooses the best colors and returns the data to 8-bits to produce smooth display of gradations.


Support for Comfortable PC Work with Various Functions

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

An Auto EcoView sensor on the front of the monitor detects ambient light and automatically optimizes the screen’s  brightness. Since the screen is never too bright or too dark, eye strain is reduced while power consumption is also cut.


LED Backlight

The LED backlight has a wide dimming range, adjustable to as low as 3 cd/m2. This makes it possible to use the monitor in dark places or environments where the illumination can change dramatically.

Compact Remote Control


Change inputs, sound, screen size, color mode, etc. directly using the included compact remote control.

Standless Mount Option

The stand can be easily removed to allow for wall mounting using the VESA mount screw-holes.



Versatile Positioning

Adjust the monitor to the most comfortable position for working with height adjustment, tilt, and swivel capability.

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