DuraVision DV1908-002 -19” Touch Panel


DuraVision DV1908-002 -19” Touch Panel

19″ (48 cm) LCD Monitor

This 19″ panel mount industrial monitor is IP65-rated in front and comes with a touch screen. It accepts touch input from both a bare and a gloved hand.

Product Description

Analog Resistive Touch Screen

This monitor uses analog resistive touch technology which delivers reliant performance in environments where equipment must stand up to dust and liquids such as in factories and clean rooms. It is compatible with the Windows 2000, XP (32-bit), and Vista (32-bit) operating systems, provides a long touch life (minimum 35 million touches), and accepts input from both a bare and a gloved hand. For the touch interface both RS-232C serial and USB upstream ports are included.

IP65-Rated Front Panel

The front panel is IP65-rated meaning it can withstand dust ingress and is protected against low-pressure water jets. This durability ensures the monitor is ideal for deployment in factories.

Digital and Analog PC Inputs

Both DVI and D-Sub mini 15 pin inputs are included for connecting to PCs with either a digital or analog graphics board.

Scale Non-Native Resolutions

When working at less than the native resolution or aspect rations other than 4:3, you can use the scaling function to enlarge the screen proportionally or expand it to fill the screen. You can also expand the horizontal and vertical portion of the image as desired.

Enlarge (aspect ratio maintained) Full Screen Expand horizontally or vertically

Sync-on-Green Support

Sync-on-green support ensures compatibility with legacy graphics boards that output this signal.

2-Year Warranty, 24-Hour Use

This monitor is built for 24-hours use and is backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. It can be used in ambient temperatures from 0 – 40° C.

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